Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Call for reinstatement of local bus service

A councillor is expressing his anger at changes to a local bus service which will leave elderly and disabled residents unable to access public transport.
For years the Arriva operated number 16 service has followed it’s Thringstone route through Main Street, Glebe Road and Hensons Lane before returning to Coalville however from yesterday, 21 September, the bus company have redirected their double deckers along Loughborough and Melrose Road before exending the route to Loughborough.
County Councillor Leon Spence says ‘I’m furious. I have been contacted by so many local people who rely on this bus service. Many can’t walk the half mile or so to the new route and most don’t want to go to Loughborough, they want to go to Coalville.
‘I’ve been in contact with Arriva who tell me that the old 16 route was unprofitable but there is an important community service aspect here. We are talking here about a company whose group profits last year were £368 million and yet they are making some of the most vulnerable people in our community effectively stuck in Thringstone. It is shocking.
‘I’ve spoken with officers at County Hall to see if action can be taken to ensure this much valued local route is maintained but I’m told that there isn’t. The only suggestion forthcoming is that elderly people might use community transport, but in many cases that just isn’t practical.
‘I’m calling on Arriva to reconsider their decision even if it is necessary to reduce the frequency of the local buses. There must be a solution that is acceptable to everyone.’

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