Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Are we all the same?

When I speak with local people I hear a sentence time and time again 'Politicans are in it for themselves, they are only after what they can get'.

I don't think that is true.

Being a councillor, and doing it properly, takes a great deal of time.

As much as many jobs do.

Because it takes so much time I do take the basic and special* allowances that are paid to county and district councillors which are determined by independent remuneration committees.

But that is it.

I don't claim any other form of expense.

I don't claim for broadband,

I don't claim for telephone*,

I don't claim for mileage*,

I don't claim for subsistence,

and I don't claim for a parking permit (although I do park free of charge, like all staff and visitors, at County Hall).

I've always believed that if you treat being a councillor as work you should treat your allowance as a wage. I personally don't believe in making claims for things which many people have to pay for as part of their jobs.

If you elect me as your district councillor for Whitwick Hermitage I promise to keep true to these principles.

I'll take my independently assessed allowance councillor allowance - nothing more.

Will other candidates standing in Whitwick Hermitage say the same?

*Special allowances are paid to councillors who do specialist jobs. I receive a special allowance because I chair the Children & Families scrutiny committee at County Hall.

* When I was first elected in 2011 I received an initial payment of £25.00 as a telephone allowance. I disclaimed this allowance shortly thereafter.
* In 2013/14 I travelled to London twice by train which the County Council booked on my behalf and which are shown on records as public transport claims.

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