Thursday, 11 December 2014

What should we call new housing development?

Thringstone residents can't fail to have noticed that after many years The Fox public house has been demolished and a development of new homes is well underway.

But the question remains 'What should the name of the close at the new development be called?'

Councillors are usually asked for their views on street naming and as one of Thringstone's district councillors I would love to know your views.

Should we call the new development 'Theophilus Close' (after a Thringstone School Headmaster and  1st soldier to be killed on home soil in World War One), or maybe 'Reid Close' (in honour of local charity fundraiser Marlene Reid)?

You might think we should name the road after two notable 'Evans' (Councillor Rod Evans and Community Centre Warden David Evans) or maybe we should commemorate the site by naming it 'Fox Close'.

It would be great to hear your views, you may have a completely different idea.

Please leave a comment below.

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