Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thringstone housing application approved

Outline proposals to build 85 new homes in Thringstone have been approved by North West Leicestershire District Council.

The application, which was approved with cross party support, will see homes built on land off Loughborough Road - but not until a developer has been found to progress the proposals.

District Councillor, Leon Spence, said 'I'm very pleased the application has been approved.

'Thringstone has been fortunate to avoid much of the development which has blighted the rest of North West Leicestershire. We were always going to have to have some development and it's good to know that these high quality proposals will fill much of that need.

'Of course there are important issues which still need addressing. We must make sure highways access is safe as we must also ensure that sewers are fit for purpose, not only at the site but also up and down stream. These issues were raised during the planning committee meeting and I am confident they will be address by planning condition.

'One concern which has been raised with me on a couple of occasions has been a worry that local schools will not have sufficient places available to cope with the number of new homes. It's pleasing to see that any developer will have to make sure they provide sufficient funds to allow schools to expand as needed.

'As local councillors Dave Everitt and I both also queried the possibility of any developer providing financial support to secure the long term future of Thringstone Community Centre.

'Any significant new development in Thringstone needs to contribute to the sustainability of our village, I'm hopeful that any potential developer will be committed to that aim.

'No development is ever going to please everyone, although the exceptionally low number of objections is perhaps a good sign.

'Approving planning applications is often a balancing act. I'm sure that when built these new homes will be a great addition to Thringstone as were Springfield and Bakery Court in the past.'

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