Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thringstone Fire - Update

Following a fire in his flat on Shrewsbury Walk on 15 October, an elderly gentleman was left with only what he stood up in.  His whole flat was destroyed, along with, sadly, his companion dog, Ben.
Residents from Shrewsbury Walk helped evacuate the gentleman and his neighbour and were themselves subject to problems from smoke inhalation.
Thringstone has a close community, and wheels were put in motion within 24 hours to try to help.  Thringstone Stores and post office has a collection tin, members of the housing department have organised clothing and will be helping with housing once the gentleman is out of hospital, and Friends of Thringstone have put out an appeal for help with clothing, household items and furniture. 
So far many offers have been made, and NWLDC housing officers are working on providing some storage facilities, so that any furniture donated can be kept safe until the rehoming process takes place, which is hoped to be very soon. Thringstone Co-op have also pledged their support.
If anybody wishes to help with donation of items, they are asked to contact Friends of Thringstone direct on 01530 223434.  Those wishing to give cash should go into Thringstone Stores.
Nita Pearson
Chair of Friends of Thringstone

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