Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Secondary school place closing date looming

A local County Councillor is reminding parents that the closing date for school place applications is looming and is urging them not to miss the deadline.
Last month, Leicestershire County Council sent around 10,500 letters to mums and dads, explaining the process for children who transfer to secondary school in the autumn term 2015.
Moving to the next school is not automatic and parents are encouraged to apply before the 31st October closing date.
The transfer process is the same for a local authority school or a recently-converted academy.
If parents apply late - even if they live next door to the school - their child may not get a place.
Anyone expressing a preference for a non-catchment school is urged to also apply for a place at their child’s catchment school.

Leon Spence, County Councillor for Whitwick, said: “I can't stress how important it is for parents to apply on time to get the very best chance of being offered a place at the school they want their child to attend.

"We are lucky to have some very good and popular schools in North West Leicestershire which are often over subscribed. It could be very tough to get a place at your preferred school if you apply late."

Last year, 96.2 per cent of children were offered a place at their first-choice school and 98.5 per cent were given a place at one of their top three however a small number of pupils, typically those who apply late, were only offered places at non-preferred schools.
To find out more, please visit www.leics.gov.uk/admissions , email admissions@leics.gov.uk or call 0116 305 6684.

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