Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Call for action at Whitwick accident hotspot

A County Councillor is calling for safety measures to be considered further at a Whitwick accident hotspot.

Councillor Leon Spence is regularly contacted by local residents about speeding traffic and accidents along Hall Lane in Whitwick. However, after contacting engineers at County Hall he has been informed that although accidents are commonplace nothing will be done.

In an email from a council officer Councillor Spence was informed 'There have been eight recorded injury accidents along the one mile length of Hall Lane in the last five years. We have looked at the individual circumstances of each accident and unfortunately do not consider that there are any cost-effective measures that we can implement at the moment.'

Councillor Spence responded angrily 'We know Hall Lane is a dangerous road. There have been at least 8 accidents where people have been injured in the past few years, some seriously, and there will be more.

'Let's be clear the reason nothing will be done is about money.

'County Hall have told me they would happily introduce an improvement scheme if it was paid for by the Parish Council or an individual.

'I'm calling out to anyone affected by speeding traffic and dangerous driving on Hall Lane to contact me so that we can work out how to take this issue forward.

'With a proven accident record it's only a matter of time before someone else is very seriously injured or killed. It will be disgraceful if that could be avoided through a sensible improvement scheme but nothing is done.'

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