Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pedestrian crossing in Whitwick Market Place gets nearer

Over the years concerned residents of Whitwick have called for a pedestrian crossing in Whitwick Market Place.

Petitions have been signed and councillors, not least Tony Gillard my predecessor as County Councillor, have made the case forcefully at County Hall that a crossing is needed.

In fact approval for a zebra crossing was given some time ago.

Since becoming County Councillor in May 2013 I have continued to apply pressure for a crossing to be built as soon as possible.

One issue holding the crossing up has been the fact that Midlands Co-operative Society (who are opening a convenience store on the Sports and Social Club site), will be responsible for part payment of the build costs and their financial obligations do not fall due until their project has started.

I have confirmed to council officers that the Co-op project is now well underway and hopefully we are one step closer to seeing a zebra crossing in Whitwick Market Place.

I will update residents as soon as I get more information.

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