Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hall Lane, Whitwick - temporary road closure ***Further Update***

Authorised diversion route

Leicestershire County Council Highways has agreed to the closure of the above road. 

The closure is required adjacent to 398, Hall Lane. 

The road will be closed from 07:30 hours on Monday 18th August 2014 for  up to 2 weeks. 

This will safely allow the Excavation for and installation of combined outfall sewer and connection to existing STW apparatus within Hall Lane 

During the closure the alternative route will be via : Meadow Lane, Leicester Road, Hall Lane (part) & Vice Versa.

Update - 11.01 AM on Tuesday 5 August

County Councillor, Leon Spence, has confirmed that he has been in contact with Severn Trent Water to ascertain the reason for the work being carried out and whether it is to accommodate existing capacity or potentially prepare for the building of hundreds of new homes off Hall Lane, i.e. Whitwick Green Wedge.

Councillor Spence said 'I have contacted Severn Trent to ask why this work is being carried out.

'If it is necessary to enable existing problems to be dealt with then it is entirely understandable but if it is to prepare for massive amounts of new build on the Green Wedge it is entirely presumptuous and may well damage our fight to protect it in the future.

'I will be demanding answers from Severn Trent as a matter of urgency.'

Further update - 11.36 AM on Wednesday 6 August

Severn Trent Water have confirmed to me that the road closure is to specifically allow the connection to the foul sewer of 8 new homes which are being built off Hall Lane.

STW have also confirmed that sewer relining will take place in fields off Meadow Lane commencing in late August. These works will not necessitate road closures.

There is no inference that any of these works are to prepare for new home building on the Whitwick Green Wedge.


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