Wednesday, 6 August 2014

County Council to reduce frequency of grass verge cutting

Conservative Leicestershire County Council have announced plans to reduce the number of times grass verges are cut each year.

At present the County Council mow verges in towns and villages 'up to 9 times each year' but believed to be on average 7 times.

However a letter sent to Parish Councils, asking them whether they would like to take on responsibility for mowing in 2015, states that there will be an expectation to deliver '5 cuts a year'.

The letter explains that a public consultation exercise last year concluded that the County Council should be 'spending less on grass address part of the £110m savings over the next three years'.

Whitwick Parish Council are due to discuss whether to take the County Council up on their offer at a special meeting tomorrow.

County Councillor for Whitwick, Leon Spence, said 'Perhaps the largest part of my post bag is complaints about the state of grass verges.

'Reducing the number of cuts from 7 or 8 a year to just 5 is only going to cause more public anger and more complaints.

'Ultimately this is the decision of a Tory council who are having to enact cuts forced through by a Tory-lead government.

'The County Council are justifying this reduction by relying on last years public consultation exercise, I'm sure these service reductions will go down very badly with local people.'

Legally the County Council, as highways authority, must conduct a minimum of three cuts a year.

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