Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, I couldn't avoid it.

Thanks to nominations from Michael Wyatt and Mark Hurst I have said I would do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

So here it is!

Donations made to MND and HCPT.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Proposals to develop land at Loughborough Road, Whitwick

A developer is asking for views and suggestions from local residents about their proposals to develop fields off Loughborough Road, Whitwick.

Radleigh Homes are planning on building 44 homes on the site which backs on to King Richards Hill.

The developer and their professional consultants, Pegasus Group, have created a website,, to allow local people to give their views. The consultation is open until 8 September 2014.

County Councillor for Whitwick, Leon Spence, said 'It's vitally important after all the fights to protect the Green Wedge to maintain the integrity of Whitwick as a village community. This application must do just that or be refused.

'I would strongly urge local residents to give their views and constructive suggestions during this consultation phase and just as importantly the developer to heed them.

'I am happy to facilitate a public meeting to discuss the proposals should local residents or the developers think that it may help.'

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Oak, Whitwick - Update

Further to concerns from local residents I have been speaking with executives at Midland Cooperative Society, who own The Oak.

A number of residents have reported to me that people have been seen onsite at the disused pub and lights have been seen switched on. MCS have informed me that they have had a number of professional consultants working at the property over the past few weeks however they will ensure that the site is inspected today to make sure it is secure.

MCS have also confirmed to me that whilst they are not in a position to publicise their final plans at this point they are hopeful, subject to planning permission being granted, that construction work on redeveloping the site will commence before Christmas 2014.

I will keep local residents informed with information as it becomes available to me.

Update: 12:29 PM 8 August

Further to my earlier post I have had another telephone conversation with an executive at MCS.

I have been advised that I had been provided with some incorrect information regarding The Oak.

Whilst MCS are committed to developing The Oak site there are still commercially sensitive issues which need to be resolved prior to work commencing. It is unlikely that redevelopment work at The Oak will commence before Christmas 2014.

As local residents will also be aware MCS own the former Sports and Social Club site in Whitwick Market Place. It is this site which is hoped to commence prior to Christmas 2014.

How would you spend £20,000 to improve Whitwick and Thringstone?

A councillor is urging community groups in Whitwick and Thringstone to apply for funding which will help pay for exciting and innovative projects in his division.

County Councillor Leon Spence is urging charities, schools, sports clubs and other community groups to considering applying for North West Leicestershire District Council's £20,000 for Seven campaign, which will see local people applying for funding and AND deciding who receives it by a public vote.

One of the Seven pots of funding will be allocated to an area which includes Whitwick, Thringstone and the Snibston area of Coalville.

Councillor Spence said 'This is an exciting initiative and it would be great to ensure that this money comes to our villages. Groups need to think creatively what  our community needs and how they can communicate their idea so that they can win a public vote.

'One project from our area will receive £20,000 funding towards a £40,000 project whilst groups can also bid for seven £10,000 pots towards £20,000 projects.'

Any bids must be deliverable in 18 months, must be match funded from another source and submitted by Monday 29 September.

Wendy May, Community Focus Team Leader at North West Leicestershire District Council said: 'We are looking for new, exciting and innovative projects.  We are keen to see projects that are new to your specific area, but they might be projects that have been developed successfully elsewhere. 

'We are particularly keen to encourage projects that will make a real difference to communities across the district.'

Further information about the scheme can be visiting the £20,000 for Seven website.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Woodstock in Whitwick - coming soon

Whitwick's annual music festival for charity takes place on Saturday 16th August.

A great day for our community.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

County Council to reduce frequency of grass verge cutting

Conservative Leicestershire County Council have announced plans to reduce the number of times grass verges are cut each year.

At present the County Council mow verges in towns and villages 'up to 9 times each year' but believed to be on average 7 times.

However a letter sent to Parish Councils, asking them whether they would like to take on responsibility for mowing in 2015, states that there will be an expectation to deliver '5 cuts a year'.

The letter explains that a public consultation exercise last year concluded that the County Council should be 'spending less on grass address part of the £110m savings over the next three years'.

Whitwick Parish Council are due to discuss whether to take the County Council up on their offer at a special meeting tomorrow.

County Councillor for Whitwick, Leon Spence, said 'Perhaps the largest part of my post bag is complaints about the state of grass verges.

'Reducing the number of cuts from 7 or 8 a year to just 5 is only going to cause more public anger and more complaints.

'Ultimately this is the decision of a Tory council who are having to enact cuts forced through by a Tory-lead government.

'The County Council are justifying this reduction by relying on last years public consultation exercise, I'm sure these service reductions will go down very badly with local people.'

Legally the County Council, as highways authority, must conduct a minimum of three cuts a year.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hall Lane, Whitwick - temporary road closure ***Further Update***

Authorised diversion route

Leicestershire County Council Highways has agreed to the closure of the above road. 

The closure is required adjacent to 398, Hall Lane. 

The road will be closed from 07:30 hours on Monday 18th August 2014 for  up to 2 weeks. 

This will safely allow the Excavation for and installation of combined outfall sewer and connection to existing STW apparatus within Hall Lane 

During the closure the alternative route will be via : Meadow Lane, Leicester Road, Hall Lane (part) & Vice Versa.

Update - 11.01 AM on Tuesday 5 August

County Councillor, Leon Spence, has confirmed that he has been in contact with Severn Trent Water to ascertain the reason for the work being carried out and whether it is to accommodate existing capacity or potentially prepare for the building of hundreds of new homes off Hall Lane, i.e. Whitwick Green Wedge.

Councillor Spence said 'I have contacted Severn Trent to ask why this work is being carried out.

'If it is necessary to enable existing problems to be dealt with then it is entirely understandable but if it is to prepare for massive amounts of new build on the Green Wedge it is entirely presumptuous and may well damage our fight to protect it in the future.

'I will be demanding answers from Severn Trent as a matter of urgency.'

Further update - 11.36 AM on Wednesday 6 August

Severn Trent Water have confirmed to me that the road closure is to specifically allow the connection to the foul sewer of 8 new homes which are being built off Hall Lane.

STW have also confirmed that sewer relining will take place in fields off Meadow Lane commencing in late August. These works will not necessitate road closures.

There is no inference that any of these works are to prepare for new home building on the Whitwick Green Wedge.