Monday, 30 June 2014

'Choose how you move' coming to Whitwick and Thringstone

Leicestershire County Council have announced plans to extend their 'Choose how you move' personal travel planning project to Whitwick and Thringstone over the next two months.

The project, which is supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, aims to reduce car use and transport costs for 8,000 residents of the area.

Throughout July and August homes in Whitwick and Thringstone will be visited by 'travel advisors' who will be able to provide personalised advice, maps and discount schemes on cycling, walking and public transport.

In previous years participants reported an 18% reduction in car trips for work and a 14% increase in pedestrians.

County Councillor Leon Spence said 'We all know that roads are getting more congested and car use is constantly costing us more.

'I'm hopeful that this project will show that there are realistic options for many of us to use other than simply jumping in the car.' 

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