Monday, 2 June 2014

Anger at 'ludicrous' planning decision

A councillor has expressed his anger at the decision of a planning inspector to grant planning permission at a controversial site in Whitwick, overturning a previous decision of North West Leicestershire District Council, who had previously rejected the application.

Following an appeal by applicant Hazleton Homes a Government Inspector, Chris Preston, has granted permission for 8 homes at land adjoining Whitwick Filling Station on Talbot Street in Whitwick.

The site has been subject to significant concerns being situated at a locally recognised accident black spot on Talbot Street, and directly on top of a steep bank which many residents strongly feel will worsen problems along the already flood prone Grace Dieu Brook.

District and County Councillor Leon Spence said 'The decision of the Planning Inspectorate is frankly idiotic. I doubt very much whether the Inspector will be around when local peoples homes are flooded or a pedestrian is killed as a direct result of this ludicrous decision but local people will be.

'It's a sad day for the residents of Talbot Street and Coverdale. The Planning Inspectorate should hang their heads in shame.'

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