Monday, 30 June 2014

1200 tonnes of plastics recycling sent to landfill and incineration

A County Councillor has expressed shock at discovering that plastics disposed of at local tips are not being sent for recycling but are in fact being sent to landfill or for incineration.

On a recent visit to a local tip County Councillor Leon Spence was informed by a staffmember that 'there was no point in recycling plastics as it all goes to landfill'.

A disbelieving Councillor Spence undertook to take the point up with officers at the County Council.

He has since been informed that due to worsening market conditions no plastics dumped at tips throughout Leicestershire have been sent for recycling since Summer 2013.

Whilst plastics make up for only 0.4% of all materials disposed of for recycling at tips in the county there has been over 1200 tonnes sent to landfill and incineration in the past year.

Councillor Spence said 'I am absolutely astonished that this is happening. I can understand that there may be financial reasons why recycling is not possible but at the same time a lot of Leicestershire residents people have take the time and trouble to separate their rubbish when they go to the tip.

'This is about trust and transparency. Local residents should be told when their rubbish is not being recycled. Otherwise how can anyone really believe that any materials are being put to use?

'We've all heard apochryphal tales about how rubbish isn't really recycled. It's vitally important that when it actually isn't we tell people otherwise we begin to lose trust.'

It is important to note that the landfilling and incineration of plastics does not include household waste collections for which North West Leicestershire District Council have given assurance that recycling DOES take place.

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