Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Whitwick Parish Council - land transfer completed

After nearly 3 years of negotiations, the transfer of public spaces and other sites in Whitwick from NWLDC to the Parish Council has finally been completed.

The Parish Council is now the trustee for Whitwick Park and Parsonwood Hill Recreation Ground (which are King George Field charities) and is the owner of open spaces, play areas and other land at Briers Way, Ashford Road, Elsdon Road, Howe Road, Hermitage Road/Green Lane, City of Dan, Thomas Road/Elsdon Road, Stinson Way, Holly Hayes Road, Rosslyn Road, Hilary Crescent, Cademan Street, King Richards Hill, North Street and Thornborough Road along with Car Hill Rock on Gracedieu Road, a section of the former railway line off Dumps Road, part of Cademan Woods, George Street Allotments and the old Railway Station.

Play areas/open spaces at Briers Way and Robinson Road have also been transferred direct from developers.

Negotiations are continuing in respect of the open space at The Elms which is still owned by the developer and Thornborough Road allotments which are leased from Wyggeston's Hospital Charity.
The Parish Council's land will continue to be maintained by NWLDC until at least March 2016 under the terms of the Parish Creation Order and a subsequent Management Agreement.

The cost of grounds maintenance will switch from NWLDC to the Parish Council in next year's Council Tax bill. NWLDC will continue to provide car parks, the cemetery and maintain the closed churchyard which be charged separately as a 'special expense'.

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