Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Grass verges 'simply not good enough'

A Councillor has criticised Leicestershire County Council for the state of grass verges around Whitwick and Thringstone.

Leon Spence, Labour County Councillor for Whitwick, says he has been contacted by a number of local residents all of whom are unhappy with the lack of regularity and quality of the County Councils grass cutting service.

Councillor Spence said 'It's simply not good enough. Our grass verges are public spaces that are noticeable to both taxpayers and visitors to the county. People see verges that are uncared for and they form a negative opinion of our communities.

'We know that the County Council has to save money and reductions in mowing is one area where it is likely to happen.

'I'm sure that the administration will point out that grass cutting was a service highlighted for reductions in last years public consultation, but the results of that consultation certainly don't agree with the views of the majority of taxpayers I have spoken with.

Councillor Spence concluded 'I will keep pushing officers to ensure that both Whitwick and Thringstone have grass verges that are in a state we can be proud of.'

Local residents with concerns about the state of grass verges are urged to contact Councillor Spence on 07828 194768.

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