Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Councillor calls for better parking enforcement

A councillor is calling for more enforcement at illegal parking hotspots in Thringstone.

District Councillor for Thringstone, Leon Spence, says he has been contacted many times by local residents angry at finding pavements blocked as a result of inconsiderate and illegal parking.

Councillor Spence said 'I have been approached by a number of older residents and young mums who find that they have to step into the road and around parked cars because of the thoughtless actions of a small number of motorists who simply do not consider the needs of others.'

Councillor Spence has confirmed that he has contacted North West Leicestershire District Council and Leicestershire County Council to ask them to step up enforcement patrols in hotspot areas.

'Most of the complaints I receive are about The Green, Main Street and Glebe Road. Drivers will often claim that they are only parking illegally 'for a minute' but it only takes a second for an accident to happen.

'I'm very much hoping that if motorists are aware that more patrols are on their way the possibility of a parking ticket will encourage them to park legally.'

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