Monday, 28 April 2014

Controversial planning application due to be decided

A controversial plan to build four new homes off Loughborough Road, Whitwick is due to be considered by the Planning Committee of North West Leicestershire District Council.

The plan to build three bungalows and one detached house on a plot accessed from 191 Loughborough Road has seen 204 letters of objection from local residents sent to the council and has been 'called in' by Whitwick District Councillor, Ray Woodward.

Whilst planning officers are recommending that the application be approved local residents are highlighting many areas of concern including the site being in the least sustainable part of the village,  the impact on surrounding countryside being unacceptable and the dangerous precedent for further development approval would set.

The application will be determined on Tuesday 6th May.

What do you think? Should more houses be built on Loughborough Road? Will permission create a dangerous precedent that starts to endager the beautiful countryside? Leave a comment

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