Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Fox - further update

District Councillor for Thringstone, Leon Spence, has held a meeting with executives from East Midlands Housing Association and developers Westleigh to discuss the next steps for the future use of The Fox site on Main Street, Thringstone.

Local residents will be aware that a planning application has been submitted to build 23 shared ownership and socially rented homes on the site, it is now expected that that application will be considered by the Planning Committee of North West Leicestershire District Council in late Spring - possibly the May or June meetings of the committee.

Development of the site is still dependent on a number of business confidential factors but it is hoped that building may commence as early as Spring 2015.

Councillor Spence said 'It's good news that EMHA and Westleigh are being so transparent with their plans for the site.

'We all know that currently The Fox is an eyesore and obviously, if plans are approved, it would be preferable to start building work sooner rather than later but unfortunately and understandably that may not be possible.

'I have asked the developers if it would be possible to clear the site and make it secure as soon as possible. They have agreed to investigate this.'

Councillor Spence also confirms that he held discussions about potential neighbour concerns: 'East Midlands Housing Association understand that neighbours have expressed concern during both the previous planning application for a nursing home, as well as this one.

'We discussed the necessity for adequate parking and drainage as well as potential impact on neighbours. The developers are investigating minor amendments to plans to accommodate concerns.'

Councillor Spence went on ask for help with one more problem associated with the development: 'If approved the development will effectively create a new small road. Both I and the developers are keen to hear suggestions for what it should be called. Maybe something to commemorate the fallen of Thringstone on the centenary of the First World War?, or maybe another suggestion? views would be very much appreciated.'


  1. Musson Way or Road would be nice after all The Fox did put a lot into the ran the old folks tote and who can forget the annual Skeggy trip.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. All ideas are really appreciated.