Saturday, 1 March 2014

Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards - Please take a minute to vote for Charles Booth

Charles Booth of Thringstone
Leicestershire people are being asked to vote for the first recipients of the inaugural Green Plaque Awards.

From a shortlist of 12 nominees, each an historic person or building from around the county, 6 plaques will awarded and erected as a result of the public vote.

Victorian businessman, philanthropist and social reformer Charles Booth, from Thringstone, has been nominated as one of the 12 shortlisted.

On a national scale Mr Booth was instrumental in addressing poverty and the introduction of the universal old age pension. On a local level Mr Booth purchased Thringstone House (now Thringstone Community Centre) for the people of the village.

Please take just a couple of seconds to vote for Charles Booth by clicking here (you can also view the other 11 nominees).

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