Saturday, 22 February 2014

Proposed new housing development - Loughborough Road, Thringstone

Proposed site highlighted in red
Property developers Investin Properties have announced that they are working up an outline planning application for a new housing development (with detailed means of access) to a parcel of land to the west of Loughborough Road, Thringstone.

Working alongside local chartered surveyors, Fisher German, the developers have announced they will be looking to build up to 85 homes on the site with 20% being 'affordable' dwellings.

The developers have confirmed that it will be their intention to retain existing hedgerows and trees as well as adding additional planting, landscaping and public open space.

If approved the developers will seek to access the site directly off Loughborough Road which will mean some rearrangement of existing traffic calming measures.

As part of the next steps Fisher German will be holding a public exhibition of their current intentions and asking for local resident views on Thursday 27 February between 4pm and 7pm at Thringstone Community Centre, The Green.

District Councillor for Thringstone, Leon Spence, said "I would urge all local residents to attend the exhibition and let the developers know their views.

"Developers really do listen at these type of events and will usually finalise their planning applications informed by them."


  1. No, no, no!!! And most certainly not so close to a primary school, never. Before long the self centered, selfish, money grabbing developers and greedy local and city councils will not rest until they have joined up every single hamlet, village and town and destroyed the lives of anyone who breathes! This will no longer be a pleasant and green land.

  2. More houses for a village that won't even have a decent Post Office.

    1. yes no pubs up the top end,or anything but the co-op loads more houses and 1 school

  3. And my kids can't get to secondary school without having to take them....dear o dear what has this country come to