Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Proposed changes to school transport - impact on Thringstone residents

Leicestershire County Council are currently carrying out a consultation on proposed changes for home to school transport.

The changes will mean that free school buses are only provided for children to their nearest school if that school is more than 3 miles away (2 miles for primary schools).

Investigations show that a number of Thringstone families may be affected by these proposals.

Historically most children who have attended Thringstone Primary School have 'fed up' to Newbridge High School in Coalville as the village has fell in the secondary schools catchment area. Many children living in the north of the village (Henson's Lane, Springfield, Melrose Road etc.) have received free bus transport as Newbridge is more than 3 miles from their home.

Under the proposals free bus transport would not be provided to Newbridge as Castle Rock High School is nearer and seemingly (using walking routes on Google Maps) less than 3 miles from any home in Thringstone, meaning that free transport would not be provided to that school either.

The County Council are proposing the changes will come into effect from September 2015 and will not affect any children currently at Newbridge who receive a free bus pass.

County Councillor for Thringstone, Leon Spence, said "I would strongly urge any parents who think they may be affected to respond to the consultation before it closes on 12 March.

The consultation can be completed online by clicking here.


  1. Rising fuel costs... Low income and many people struggling to put food on the table....the good old money grabbers at the council now want to hit families in the pocket by stopping free buses to school....YES SCHOOL, my god what has this country come to..
    It's a legal requirement for children under 17 to attend school...but it's ok for the government to not get them to school..
    Whats up, you fat cats at the council feeling the pinch??? What bright spark thought of this ?
    Politicians are all the same....attached from the real world no matter what bull they say

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    These proposals have come about very directly as a result of the academies agenda.

    As every academy becomes more competitive with each other. Believe it or not there is nothing to stop an academy expanding its catchment area to a 100 mile radius and under the current scheme the county council would have to pay for home to school transport.

    Whilst the above scenario is perhaps outrageous what isn't is that the local authority might have to provide transport from a single village to Coalville, Ashby, Sepshed, Loughborough, Leicester, Derby or Nottingham (or schools anywhere else that choose to enlarge their boundaries). Obviously something that isn't sustainable.

    Sadly, by their own admission, the government haven't given consideration to this issue - one of the main reasons that the County Council is having to look at the 'nearest school' policy.

    If you disagree it's really important to respond to respond to the consultation. It's only by hearing resident views that we can get things right.

  3. The questions on the consulation are not clear enough in my opinion and i feel that many people will read them and not bother completing it as they are not sure what they are agreeing to. As Newbridge is the catchment school for Thringstone surely that should be taken into consideration. I for one am not prepared to let my 11 yr old daughter make her way to Coalville on her own when its not legal to leave her alone in the house!! Our children HAVE to go to school..something we already fund as taxpayers so why should we be hit hard again...and this goes for all parents, not just those over the 3 miles away. What next, taking bus passes off pensioners?

  4. why should some of us pay £400 a year, when others just streets away get it for free, and the children catch the bus from the same bus stop. Split the coat fairly across everyone.

  5. Split the cost fairly across everyone.