Thursday, 27 February 2014

Investment programme planned for North West Leicestershire

More than £800,000 will be spent on a series improvement schemes across North West Leicestershire following a meeting of the District Council on Tuesday 25 February.

Councillors agreed that all proposed capital schemes would go ahead over the next four years, including a new astro-turf pitch and car parking at Hermitage Recreation Ground, an upgraded car park surface in Ashby and recycling separating technology.

The following key schemes will go ahead between 2014 and 2018:

Hermitage Recreation Ground – astro-turf replacement - £140,000
The current surface is fourteen years old and has worn significantly.  The fencing is also in poor repair.  The improvement work will reduce maintenance costs and bring in extra income for the council as more sport groups use the facility.

Hermitage Recreation Ground – car park - £11,500
The two access roads and the car park for the all weather pitch will be resurfaced

South Street, Ashby – car park resurfacing – £22,500
This popular car park will be completely resurfaced, as repairs are not economical

Linden Way Depot – material separating technology - £190,000
This technology, which is widely available and used by other councils, will be used to separate plastic and cans collected by the refuse teams.  This will generate more income for the council, as separated recycling brings a higher price.

Whitwick Business Centre – central heating system - £150,000 
The current central heating system, which is very old and regularly needs extensive repairs, will be replaced with a new environmentally-friendly heating system

Other schemes include an upgrade to the council’s computer network, replacement of the data disaster recovery system, a fire alarm audit at Hood Park Leisure Centre and a fire risk system at the Appelby Magna Caravan Site.

Councillor Richard Blunt, Leader of North West Leicestershire District Council, said: “Whilst a number of our capital investments are necessary to upgrade old equipment or facilities, many of these investments will also save or generate money in the longer term. 

"For example, the new astro-turf at Hermitage Recreation Ground will make the facility much more appealing to footballers, and we expect its use to increase significantly. Similarly, we can charge a higher price for recycling that is thoroughly sorted into materials, so the sorting technology at the depot will increase our income.  I’m pleased that the council is in a good financial position, and is able to make these improvements to its services.”

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