Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Fox, Thringstone to become housing development?

An application has been received by North West Leicestershire District Council to convert the site of The Fox, 137 Main Street, Thringstone into 23 new homes.

Plans submitted by Westleigh Developments indicate that, working with East Midlands Housing, the proposed homes will be a mixture of rented and part owned flats and semi-detached properties with off-road parking.

District Councillor, Leon Spence, said 'The Fox has for a number of years now been an eyesore for local residents.

'Clearly it would be great to see the site developed but it's important that any future use is right for Thringstone.

'Over the coming weeks I will be speaking with neighbours to ascertain their views on the proposals.

'I feel certain that in particular neighbours will be concerned about any added strain to nearby drains. I will be seeking reassurance from planners that sewers can cope with a significant number of new homes.

Councillor Spence added 'Previously planning permission was given to develop the site into a residential home for elderly people but clearly the market did not support that development going ahead.'

Anyone wishing to inspect the plans and make comment should either visit the Council Offices on Whitwick Road or view them online by clicking here and quoting planning reference 14/00013/FULM.


  1. Time to start brushing up your Polish or Romanian ......

  2. Think they should all be rented as there is a shortage of social housing around Thringstone and Coalville, unfortunately there is nowhere to go when you get here all the pubs are now closed in Thringstone at top end of village, Whitwick is closely following, such a shame we have a Co-op, which I do use, but the choice they have in there is very limited, how many sweet and sour chickens do people eat round here fridge is full of them. They never get near sell by date so I would imagine staff live on them. lol

  3. Could be even fewer pubs now the George and Dragon is up for sale, it's a sad state of affairs for a once thriving village not helped by the stupid way the smoking ban was forced on the public.