Monday, 20 January 2014

For the sake of safety planning application must be rejected

Talbot Street, Whitwick
County Councillor, Leon Spence, is calling on the Planning Committee at North West Leicestershire to turn down an application which he claims, if granted, will result in a significant threat to the lives of pedestrians and motorists alike.

Cllr Spence explains that the application to build 8 houses off Talbot Street, Whitwick will mean that traffic to and from the site will have to pull across the flow of traffic and pull out onto a particularly dangerous part of the road.

'Anyone who has travelled along the road can quite clearly see how narrow the road is and how narrow the footpaths are.

'Locally we know that most cars speed along Talbot Street, even independent research shows that 85% of vehicles are travelling at 38 mph when the speed limit is just 30mph.

'Residents in the area tell me about the all too regular accidents and near misses they have had both in their cars and as pedestrians.

'But Highways officers tell me that the risks are not 'severe' enough to legally warrant them objecting to the development.

'I would ask the planning committee to turn the application down. The phrase 'it's an accident waiting to happen' is used all too often, in this case however it just happens to be true.'


  1. Surely you can't stop planning and building works, just because people break the law. How is this the fault of the developers??

    1. Thanks for the comment Antony.

      I completely agree drivers breaking the law shouldn't be a reason to prevent developers but it is undoubtedly a factor).

      The question should be 'is the application suitable for the location?'

      My answer would be an unequivocal 'no' for many reasons, speeding traffic is just one of them.

      After speaking to local people I would also consider width of the road, width of footpath (and the fact that as you go down the hill there is only one footpath), access and exit to The Avenue etc.