Friday, 23 August 2013

What happens to your washing machine when you give it to the scrap man?

It costs YOU money to tidy up
We have all heard those out of tune horns played by unlicensed scrap dealers who come around regularly looking for old white goods and other unwanted metal.

But have you ever considered what can happen once you give the scrap man your old washing machine? Today I found out.

After I became aware of an abandoned fridge freezer recently I contacted North West Leicestershire District Council to ask them to remove it and investigate to see if it would be possible to hold someone responsible for flytipping.

The response surprised me.

I am told that a problem which is becoming increasingly common is that white goods which are given to unlicensed scrap dealers are simply stripped of their motors (the bit that is apparently worth money) and then thrown off the back of the van onto grass verges and in laybys which, of course, costs you as taxpayers money because someone (usually the local council) has to clear those unsightly and often dangerous illegal dumping sites up.

If you have any unwanted old white goods or scrap metal please think about how you are going to dispose of them. Getting rid of electrical items, if it is done properly, COSTS money.

If you are thinking of giving a ripped out dishwasher to someone coming round playing an out of tune horn ask to see their waste disposal licence.

Remember, if you give an old fridge or washing machine to an unlicensed scrap dealer there is a very real possibility that you will be responsible for flytipping.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fantastic opportunity for charities, community groups and local businesses

Do you run a charity or community group?

Are you a local business that sometimes needs to dispose of surplus stock or equipment?

If so, read on...

I have recently been told about a locally based website that have come up with a great solution of linking up businesses with surplus stock and equipment to responsibly and economically dispose of it by passing it on charities and community groups.

What a great idea!

If you want to know more take a look at

A quick search will show there are loads of lots which may be of use to your charity or community group.

There are rules that you can't sell items on and you have to arrange for collection, but I suppose that is the least you can do isn't it?

One regular user of the website told me 'the lots are so useful and make a real difference to us, is fantastic'.

Whitwick Music Festival - 25 August

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Whitwick Number plate event

On Saturday 24th August between 10am and 3pm, Leicestershire Police volunteers together with staff from Coalville Tyre and Exhaust, will be holding an event where motorists can have free anti theft number plate screws fitted. This will take place at;

Hermitage Leisure Centre, Silver Street, Whitwick, Coalville, LE67 5EU

No appointment is necessary

Police in North West Leicestershire launch “Don’t be a zigzag shark” schools parking campaign.

PCSO Cheryl Moore outside
St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School
As local schools return after the summer break, the police in North West Leicestershire are embarking on a campaign of education and enforcement to reduce problems caused by inconsiderate parking near to school entrances.

The first stage of the campaign will be to warn and advise parents of their bad parking, and as a reminder they will be given an air freshener containing the campaign slogan, ‘Don’t be a zigzag shark.’

This will be followed where necessary, by enforcement in conjunction with officers from North West Leicestershire District Council where drivers who fail to heed the advice will be issued with fixed penalty notices or prosecuted. In cases of obstruction this could result in their vehicle being towed away.

In parallel with the ongoing campaign of education and enforcement, pupils at two schools in Whitwick: Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, and St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School, will be participating in a road safety poster competition, with prizes donated by the Leicestershire Police Road Safety team.

PCSO 6580 Cheryl Moore from the Bardon Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Inconsiderate and illegal parking near to school entrances places children at risk. We would urge parents to park safely and legally, even if it means having to walk a few minutes to the school.

“We are hopeful that our campaign will strike a chord with parents and that they will think carefully about where they park when dropping their children off at school.”

Christine Killip, Headteacher of St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School said: “We are introducing several initiatives to encourage parents to consider the safety of the children when travelling to school especially by car. Our School Council has been proactive in seeking improvements to the traffic problems by meeting with a local councillor and traffic officer and they are promoting the values of a positive community to which we hope parents will respond.”

Anyone wanting further information about parking issues can contact North West Leicestershire District Council by ringing 01530 454598, or by email
PCSO Cheryl Moore of North West Leicestershire Local Policing Unit can be contacted by ringing 101. Follow the instructions to leave a message for an officer and when prompted key in her identification number 6580.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thringstone Miners Welfare Social Club - Prospective change of opening hours

The management of Thringstone Miners Social Centre on Homestead Road have asked North West Leicestershire District Council to remove a condition from their planning permission which would allow them to have longer opening hours at the Clubhouse.

The application to relax the planning condition is to enable the social club to have opening hours consistent with similar other clubs.

The original planning condition was that the social club could open:

Monday to Thursday until 10:00pm.
Friday and Saturday until midnight.
Sunday until 7.00pm.

The club are asking permission to open:

Monday to Thursday until 11:00pm.
Friday and Saturday until midnight.
Sunday until 10:30pm.

If you have any views regarding this issue please let me know by no later than this Friday, 16 August, in order that I can feedback to the planning department.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Helping our ex-servicemen and women into employment

Over the past few years Help for Heroes has rightly become one of the most supported charities in Britain.

Help for Heroes provides invaluable support for our wounded servicemen and their families but every year there are thousands of servicemen and women who leave our armed forces and have to face the difficult task of moving back into civilian life, for many it is not easy.

I believe as a society we owe a great deal to those who defend our country. Those who, without question, put their lives on the line to defend all of us.

Without a doubt those men and women have served our country with more commitment and dedication than most of us ever could hope to, I know I couldn't place myself at risk in the same way that our armed forces knowingly do on a daily basis.

That is why, I believe, we must do all we reasonably can to help our ex-servicemen and women transition back into civilian life.

Sadly finding employment is often all too difficult for those recently leaving the forces.

I was therefore delighted to hear recently about Labour controlled Rochdale Council's adoption of a guaranteed job interview scheme for Armed Forces Leavers.

In a world where large numbers of people are applying for every job with the council Rochdale are guaranteeing that ex-servicemen and women who meet the person specification of a vacancy will be offered an interview.

I believe that such a scheme offers distinct advantages not only to those that we owe so much who are looking for a job, but also brings benefits to the council who will have the opportunity to meet disciplined and committed potential employees.

It would be great to see such schemes, which internationally are commonplace, become more widespread amongst local authorities and other public and private employers.

Over the coming weeks and months I intend on lobbying our local councils and businesses to do just that.

It would be great to hear your views.