Wednesday, 27 February 2013

HS2 - An update

The Government's plans for HS2 are a major cause of concern to residents of North West Leicestershire.

Outline proposals will have a major effect on many homes and businesses throughout the district.

If HS2 goes ahead job growth will be put in jeopardy not only with existing employers but also the potential loss of around 6,000 new jobs at a proposed Strategic Rail Freight Interchange to the east of Castle Donington.

Whilst we are waiting, potentially for many years, for construction to start we are facing a period of planning blight which will have a massively negative impact throughout the area.

Last night, at full council, I was pleased to table a Labour amendment to a Conservative motion calling for HS2 to be rerouted away from North West Leicestershire and towards the A38 corridor, providing for a city centre stop in Derby.

I am delighted that both my amendment and the resulting substantive motion gained support from all sides of the council chamber.

It's very clear that whilst we may not agree on many things all political parties are unified on the view that HS2 will be bad for our district.

Labour will tirelessly work alongside our opponents to make sure we win the fight to re-route.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tory North West Leicestershire District Council votes to slash Street Enforcement Managers

At tonight's annual budget setting meeting Conservative Councillors at North West Leicestershire District Council, despite Labour protests, voted to reduce the number of Street Enforcement Managers in the district to just two.

Street Enforcement Managers, whose job is to tackle environmental street crime such as littering and dealing with dog waste, are facing unprecedented demands.

One of the most common complaints received by councillors is the state our streets are in.

I, along with many councillors, receive calls and contacts every week from people who want to complain about the dreadful mess created by environmental crime.

The savings made from cutting this vital post (including oncosts) are less than £30,000 a year. At the same time in the past twelve months Conservative councillors have squirreled away £400,000 in their 'Value for Money Reserve'.

Labour Councillors felt compelled to vote against the annual budget, although we agreed with the proposal of not increasing Council Tax, simply because we could not support such vital front line services being cut when there is no financial imperative to do so.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Meadow Lane Safety Improvements

It's always nice to be thanked for lending a hand.

I'm honoured, alongside all of the Governors, to be mentioned for helping to get road safety improvements implemented on Meadow Lane, Coalville: