Friday, 13 December 2013

Who are YOUR local heroes?

Leicestershire has a wealth of fascinating history and Leicestershire County Council are keen to celebrate some of the important people and places linked to the county.
That’s why the County Council are introducing their Green Plaque Awards Scheme and they want you to tell them which people, buildings and sites you think really deserve recognition.
Leon Spence, County Councillor for Whitwick says 'I very much welcome this scheme to recognise our local heroes.
'Some great people have lived in our community over the years. People like Thomas Elsdon Ashford, who won the Victoria Cross, and the great philanthropist Charles Booth, and many others. It would be great for the whole county to recognise those who have made a significant contribution to our villages.'
'I would very much urge local schools, community groups and social clubs to have a conversation about who should be nominated and put your local heroes forward for consideration.'
You’ll get the chance to vote for the winning schemes when the shortlist is announced in February 2014.
You can nominate war heroes, local heroes and famous people, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, places with cultural or heritage connections as well as buildings of historic or architectural importance.
Anyone nominated for a green plaque must have been dead for at least 20 years.
You can make your nomination – in not more than 500 words – by completing the online nomination form or by writing to:
Green Plaques
Communities & Wellbeing
Room 500
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall
You can also pick up and drop off your form at any county library.

Forms will also be available from Tourist Information Centres throughout the county.
Nominations should include a recommendation about where the plaque could be located and if possible evidence of the agreement of the owner of the building or structure on which the plaque is to be mounted. The County Council would prefer to put the plaques on dwellings with strong associations with the person nominated.
The Selection Criteria gives details of how we will evaluate nominations.
The closing date for nominations is Friday 24 January 2014

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