Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Voluntary Group's staggering litter pick success

From Nita Pearson - Friends of Thringstone

Friends of Thringstone is a voluntary group who, as well as planting and maintaining 5 flowerbeds, regularly pick up litter in the village and surrounding woodlands. 
Records kept by the group show that since June, they have removed a staggering 734 bags of litter from the area.
Cllr Leon Spence,  District Councillor for Thringstone and County Councillor for Whitwick and Thringstone, said
'This is community action at its best.  Friends of Thringstone have a dedicated team of litter pickers who go out in all weathers picking up litter which others drop, making our village so much nicer as a result.
'They recycle where possible, and all cans they collect are donated to a local hospice as part of their fund raising appeal. 
'They also have a large community litter pick every quarter. The next one is 19 October meeting at 10am from The Green as part of the Make A Difference campaign. 
'The group have all the equipment people would need to help with this work, and everybody is welcome.'

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