Monday, 28 October 2013

County Council considers changes to school holiday dates

Do you have a child who attends, or may be due to start, a Leicestershire school?

Maybe you work in a County school?

If so you may be interested to know that Leicestershire County Council is consulting on school term and holiday dates for the school year 2015/16 onwards.

Options being considered are maintaining the current, established pattern of holidays that have been in operation in Leicestershire for many years, or, following the same holiday pattern of other neighbouring local authorities.

You can respond to the consultation by clicking here .

Some schools, such as Academies, will not be bound by term date changes but in all likelihood many will adhere to county term dates.

County Councillor for Whitwick, Leon Spence said: "I would urge all parents to make their views known. We all know how expensive going on holiday can be and how parents are discouraged from taking holidays during term time. By responding to the consultation parents can have a real say in how term dates are planned for in the coming years."

The consultation will close at 5pm on 6th January 2014 and approved dates will be published in April 2014.


  1. Maintain the status quo. It doesn't matter to the children when they get the holidays, as long as they get them, and we adults get quieter and cheaper holiday venues!

  2. I am sure most parents will want the dates to remain the same but the powers that be will want us in line with the rest of the euro region our masters have put us in. Leicestershire will eventually be no more as Europe reigns over us.