Wednesday, 16 October 2013

£30 to empty your green waste bin? 92% of you say 'no thanks'

As North West Leicestershire District Council consult on charging taxpayers £30.00 a year to empty their 'green waste' wheelie bin I asked what YOU would do if a charge is introduced.

Of the 138 people who voted in the poll a massive 92% said that charging is wrong with 75% (104 people) saying that they would simply put their garden waste into their household refuse, meaning the council would potentially become liable for a significant increase in 'landfill tax'.

Just 10 people who took part in the poll agreed that charging was the way forward, and of those only 5 people (or 3%) thought that £30 a year was 'about right'.

Councillor Leon Spence said 'Although the poll sample is relatively small if it is representative, and there is no reason to believe it is not, it would suggest that potential income for North West Leicestershire District Council would be far less than the £150,000 that has been projected.

'In fact, if take up across the district was around the 3% the poll suggests then the scheme could end up costing the council money.

'The Conservative administration at Whitwick Road need to think very carefully before introducing a green waste charge. There is a real chance that alongside the environmental damage that could be caused the council could also suffer financially.

'I'm well aware of the council's financial position but savings or charges should only be made where there is a clear business case for doing so.'

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