Friday, 13 September 2013

The Oak, Whitwick

Further to local speculation about the future of The Oak I have been in contact with Midland Cooperative Society (MCS).

MCS have confirmed to me that they have indeed purchased the site as part of their property investment strategy.

They have made it clear that it is not their intention to 'landbank' the site but to bring it back to an alternative use as soon as possible.

MCS have several ideas for how the site may be used, which at this time do not include a retail shop, however until they have finalised their own intentions they cannot say what the likely use will be. (subject to planning approval).

I have stressed to MCS the importance of not letting the site deteriorate, as we have seen with The Fox in Thringstone, a point which they fully accept.

MCS have also confirmed to me that it is their intention to start construction work on the approved Whitwick Marketplace store in the very near future.

As I get further information I will make sure I keep you informed.

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