Saturday, 28 September 2013

UPDATED School Information - Teachers Strike on 1st October 2013

Parents will be aware that members of two teaching unions, the NUT and NASUWT, are striking on Tuesday 1st October 2013.

The following list provides the current plans of schools which serve families in the Whitwick Division (i.e. Whitwick and Thringstone).

Whitwick St John the Baptist C of E Primary: Closed to all students

Holy Cross Primary School: Closed to all students

New Swannington Primary School: Closed to all students

Thringstone Primary School: Open to all students

Forest Way School: Closed to all students

Newbridge High School: Closed to all students

Castle Rock High School: Open to all students

King Edward VII: Closed to Year 10 and 11, Open to post-16 students

De Lisle School: Closed to all students

This list will be updated as further information becomes available.

Information has been gathered from school websites, Leicester Mercury website, Leicestershire County Council website or confirmed verbally by telephone call to the school.


  1. New swannington primary school closed too.

  2. As we are now expected to pay a fine of £60-£80 a day if we take our children out of school and interrupt their education, can we then expect a cheque from the council for similar amount when school closed ?

    1. Yes but u all support the miners. Don't comment unless u know the full facts!

    2. What have "miners" got to do with my comment ?

    3. As if you're really bothered about your kids education for a day. I bet you, and others reading this, take your kids out for term-time holidays at the drop of a hat. No, you're just inconvenienced by losing your free "childcare" for a day

    4. From your juvenile comments I assume you are either a teacher or pupil. My wife stopped work when our kids were born so a one day strike is no inconvenience for us. We have never taken our kids out of school for cheaper holidays, and as a result have only managed camping holidays for the last 13 years. I DO take my kids education seriously and I don't support any group who try to use their position as leverage ,, including the miners.
      As you said in your first rant .... "Don't comment unless you know the full facts"

  3. Is there a union for parents ? We could then go and strike, stop volunteering, supporting the schools fundraising activities ect ! Are the private schools on strike ?? Will this achieve anything other than disrupt working parents and childrens education or is it purely and simply political !

  4. I really wish everybody would understand the true scale of what is happening in education. I am a parent myself and work in a school. I dread what is expected of my youngest, who is not yet at school. Things have changed dramatically! This culture of thinking it is a 9-3 job! I work 12 hour days- like many other jobs- and juggle my children around providing good quality education for other peoples! Please community- get behind the people that do change your children's lives. We are not all bad- in fact the profession does not allow you to be anymore! Every comment I write in a book is scrutinised! I love teaching and love changing and influencing little's people's lives to make it a better one! And all the teachers in my school have that opinion! It is the government you need to get on to, so as to help us to continue to provide care and education for your children in appropriate working conditions ! Everyone needs to see the bigger picture!