Monday, 16 September 2013

North West Leicestershire to raise parking charges?

Plans have been revealed by North West Leicestershire Conservatives to increase parking charges around the district.

Whilst our town centres are still suffering from the blight of empty shop fronts and hard working local families from a lack of disposable income it's expected that charges for parking will increase on 1 April 2014.

If proposals tabled for approval are accepted parking for 1 hour will increase from 50p to 60p, for 2 hours from 80p to £1.00 and All Day from £2.00 to £2.20. Charges for 3 hours will remain unchanged.

It is expected that increasing parking charges will bring in around £100,000 income to the council.

What do you think?

Are our car parks good value?

Are you less likely to use our town centres?

Your comments would be very much appreciated.


  1. Coalville is a dying town. Why would anyone want topay to park in Coalville when you can nip in to Loughborough which has a huge range of shops and a lovely park for the kids.... Coalville is full of charity shops, bargin shops and phone shops.. nothing of quality.

  2. I agree with the previous poster - I will be even less likely to visit Coalville if this comes in (and if I do have to I'll be more likely to park on a residential street). If I'm going to get stung for parking I might as well shop somewhere where I can get everything I need such as Loughborough, Leicester or Derby.

  3. Until there is something to go to Coalville for, its a shame to keep cranking up reasons not to go. I usually squash on behind Woolworths - I object to paying anything when I need to go to the bank or nip to HB. When you look at Swad where it has better shops and is free to park, or Loughborough where its not much to park or 50p on a Sunday its a joke. The town council should not be allowed to profit from parking as they dont use that money to make the town better

  4. I live at Ashby and only ever go shopping in Coalville town centre if I nip to Asda and park in their free car park. I used to go to Coalville for Argos and Home Bargains but now use their better stores at Swadlincote with free parking, also Sainsburys and Morrisons at Swad too.
    I know Ashby people who shop at Coalville for Aldi but they'll have no need to after this Thursday when Aldi opens here in Ashby.

  5. Another nail in the coffin for Coalville!

    Investment to encourage businesses is what is required!...but seemingly that has never been a priority for Coalville. There is less and less reason to visit the town yet the council seem hell bent on discouraging those that venture in to do their shopping. Coalville as a town has progressively expanded over recent years with more and more proposed housing developements, yet the town offers nothing. What the hell is going on? Surely the council cannot be that ignorant to the denigration of the town by those who are both native to the town and those that have recently re-located.