Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New grit bins in Thringstone

Cllr Dave Everitt and I are delighted to let local residents know that new grit bins have been installed around Thringstone.

Following last years heavy snow we have been working hard to ensure that the village is more prepared for this coming winter.

Sadly given the financial situation that all councils find themselves in and the strict siting criteria set down by the County Council it wasn't possible to get more than the three now installed.

New grit bins are located on the corner of Glebe Road and Tithe Close, the corner of Main Street and Glebe Road and the corner of Springfield and Heathfield.

There's always more that we can do and both Dave and I will keep striving to ensure the best services for local residents. As ever we'll keep working hard for you all year round.


  1. we could really do with some in whitwick, around the estates, 1 grit bin per estate is not good enough, especially with elderly and disabled holly hayes ect, and public footpaths leading to the schools, it was safer to walk down the middle of the road than on the pavement with the children. not every one drives.

  2. 2 for the Glebe estate but none for the Booth Road, Swallowdale or Melrose Road estates 2 of which dont carry particularly heavy traffic and are usually badly affected...it seems like an unfair distribution to be honest!

  3. What exactly is the criteria? Glebe and Melrose are both bus routes so heavily used...Booth Road and Swallowdale are often treacherous due to lack of traffic, particularly the side roads off both of these estates! Suppose its only a matter of time until the cost of these becomes another charge on the council tax as it seems will be the case with the green bins!

  4. UPDATE - Just to confirm that a fourth grit bin has been installed in Thringstone at the corner of Swallowdale and Ashdale.

  5. UPDATE 2 - A quick update to say a fifth grit bin has now been installed at the corner of Henson's Lane and Main Street, therefore I'm delighted to say all 5 bins we asked for are now in place.