Thursday, 19 September 2013

Leicestershire Roadside Interview Surveys - you may be asked to stop by the police

I have recently been notified by County Hall that Leicestershire County Council will shortly be carrying our roadside interview surveys.

The surveys, which will take place on some roads in or nearby to Whitwick and Thringstone will commence on 24th September.

Motorists should be aware that the police will be responsible for stopping traffic at survey sites.

The operation of the surveys will involve stopping a sample of drivers who will be asked a few questions about their journeys; mainly the origin, destination and purpose.

The survey has been designed to minimise disruption but if you are stopped it will take around two minutes to complete.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to tell you where the surveys will take place as bias the results.

It isn't the intention of the County Council to cause disruption however these type of surveys are invaluable in planning future transport investment.

Further surveys will also be carried out in spring and summer next year.


  1. can you refuse to take part?

  2. so do I understand this right? valuable and costly police resources are to be used to stop local traffic causing disruption and upset to motorist's just to complete a survey about my travel plans for that time? how totaly stupid and a waste of our hard earned taxes! who ever dreamt this up needs an serious reality check and direct these resources where there needed. maybe solving crimes?, hi vis patrols in the area? reassurance visits to the aged, and vulnerable people of whitwick....... jeez this really takes the piss!

  3. Surveys such as this take place every few years. The point of them is to provide evidence to plan where highway improvements are needed.

    These days councils have very limited resources and need to make sure money is used in the right places so, for example, if the survey proves the vast majority of journeys take place from Whitwick to Thringstone then resources can be focussed there. Similarly, if most journeys use trunk roads and motorways that's where resources need to go.

    I suppose people who are surveyed can decline to take part. At the same time taking two minutes to respond will have a real impact on how transport strategy is planned for the future.

  4. whilst im sure these surveys are helpful to some if i am on my way to something more importabt i will be declining to take part! also are they going to be taken in daylight hours? i wouldnt want to be stopped even if it is by the police when dark!

  5. further clarification would be helpful as to weather you can refuse?

  6. Why get the police to do this? Why add an element of intimidation? I guarantee that they will be doing a secret spot check of the vehicles too.

  7. Type of data likely to be collected in this survey include;(based on similar surveys done by other councils)

    > Type of Vehicle (car/hgv etc)
    > No of people in the vehicle.
    > Journey start address (full postal address).
    > Journey destination address(full postal address).
    > Reason for the trip.
    > Type of parking that will be used.
    > Who pays for the trip (self or employer)
    Also details of the start/destination address (home/work/recreation etc)