Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thringstone Miners Welfare Social Club - Prospective change of opening hours

The management of Thringstone Miners Social Centre on Homestead Road have asked North West Leicestershire District Council to remove a condition from their planning permission which would allow them to have longer opening hours at the Clubhouse.

The application to relax the planning condition is to enable the social club to have opening hours consistent with similar other clubs.

The original planning condition was that the social club could open:

Monday to Thursday until 10:00pm.
Friday and Saturday until midnight.
Sunday until 7.00pm.

The club are asking permission to open:

Monday to Thursday until 11:00pm.
Friday and Saturday until midnight.
Sunday until 10:30pm.

If you have any views regarding this issue please let me know by no later than this Friday, 16 August, in order that I can feedback to the planning department.


  1. I live on Homestead Road and it can be very noisey, it can sometimes keep my children and myself awake. I feel that the proposed hours are to late especially on a school night. The club is situated in a built up residential area unlike some other clubs and this needs to be a deciding factor, not what other clubs are able to get away with.
    Caroline Beattie
    40 Homestead

  2. Hiiii we are also residents at homestead road thringstone we are number 22.... this is just crazy I cannot belive this is even considerd!! ... its a nightmare already... when they have a doom saturdays we dred it!! ... 11pm ...12 am .... 1am ..later people shouting , kids playing football an kicking it at the gates .. I lay in bed an hear the music word for word... I dont get the club has a garden out the back ... why do they not smoke an kick about out there. late at nyt ??? My kids habe been woken on few occasions so this makes us not happy! ... also 11pm on week nights amd sunday .. what! .. we have many families on this road that have to get up for work ealry and kids that have to go to school!!! .. also befor u apply for new longer open hours I think u could sort out the parkin issues 1st!! ... I have been blocked in my drive 3 times an know others that have too! ... also I have spoken to ppl that live on and near this street an they are not happy. We all like to have fun but show respect while doing it.

  3. you should thank the club for giving you the house you live in if you have any probs with thringstone fc just pop round im sure thay will sort it just remember the club was there 1st if you dont like it you should of done your home work before moving there

  4. leon.spence i remember you playing there as a kid lets not lose this like the fox inn the queens head and the rose and crown

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I will make sure they are passed on to the planning department at North West Leicestershire District Council.