Thursday, 25 July 2013

When Leicestershire County Council needs to save so much what is the excuse for needless waste?

Leicestershire County Council has got to save upwards of £100 million pounds over the coming years.

To make those savings we will see efficiency improvements, new charges, increases to council tax and not least cuts to services.

We all appreciate it's tough times right now which it makes it all the more galling when we see money being wasted.

Which turns me to this weeks Coalville Times.

Leicestershire County Council, as they are obliged to, have published and presumably paid for getting on towards two full pages of Public Notices about temporary traffic orders (and the like) in this weeks newspaper.

All well and good so far...

Coalville Times - 26 July
The only problem is of the 12 notices published only 1 of them (and that is somewhat tenuous) is for the area covered by the Coalville Times!

This week the Coalville Times has Public Notices covering Oadby, Enderby, Market Harborough and Wanlip... to name but a few!

Now I fully appreciate that the County Council are obliged to publish notification of traffic orders, and so on, but surely the first rule is that they should be published in a newspaper relevant to the area where the order is being made?

My question is how much did these pointless Public Notices cost? and, if the Coalville Times is full of irrelevant notices how much is being wasted, perhaps weekly, in publications across the county?

The Conservative administration at County Hall is rightly setting an agenda seeking to improve efficiency.

I shall be asking in what world could errors like this be seen as efficient or cost effective, or is it a matter of the Tory Cabinet taking their eye off the ball?


  1. give them hell what a bad way to waste money,i think a small notices telling people to look on their website

  2. Its possible that they paid a parent company of the Times to publish the notices in the relevant local papers and a mistake has been made by the publisher. Please make sure you know the full story before slating the staff at County Hall.
    I dont work for the County Council, I just feel sorry for the amount of grief they get sometimes!

    1. Couldn't agree more which is why I hold the administration to account and not officers.

  3. Does the Coalville Times HAVE a parent company. I thought the owner was local.