Saturday, 6 July 2013

Thringstone Scarecrow Festival 2013

What a glorious day to celebrate what a wonderful community Thringstone is

Here's just a few photographs which show some of the hard work which went into making our 2013 Scarecrow Festival such a success:


  1. Thanks Leon. Hard work to get an event like this up and running, but worth it to see smiling faces and the village come alive.

  2. It all sounded great but the leaflet I picked up about a month ago says Sunday 7th July 10-4pm. My poor children are very disappointed :(

    1. That's such a shame, I'm sorry they missed out.

      Unfortunately I think there was a typo on the original leaflet. I understand the organisers tried to make up for it by ensuring banners and posters were prominent around the village.

      Please do take a walk around the village tomorrow, I'm sure most of them will still be up!