Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Church Lane, Whitwick - Speed Cushions

When I was campaigning for election to the County Council earlier this year without a doubt the single issue which most people wanted to tell me about was speed cushions along Church Lane in Whitwick.

Some of you thought that traffic calming along Thornborough Road was a good idea, but universally (at least in the comments made to me) no one could see the benefit of introducing cushions to Church Lane.

Indeed many local people expressed to me the view that not only was the Church Lane traffic calming inconvenient it actually increased the danger due to double parking along the street.

I have asked Leicestershire County Council officers to look at whether, in their opinion, speed cushions along Church Lane are a good idea but I also want to ask your views.

So, if you have an opinion about speed cushions along Church Lane then please leave a comment. Whatever your view it will be very useful in discussions with the County Council.


  1. Complete and utter waste of money.

  2. When cars are parked either side of the road you have to go over both cushions, bad for the car and a complete waste of tax payers money.

  3. Rubbish speed camera are Betta i would like to see more of them as a driver then speed bumps

  4. Electronic speed sign, which warns motorists they are travelling too fast.Volunteer neighbourhood watch, could operate speed traps.Even with the cushions in place, people are speeding over them! Name and shame speeding drivers.