Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Grass Verges Update

Over the past couple of weeks I have received a number of calls about the state of grass verges in Whitwick and Thringstone.

Just going around the villages we have all seen how high grass has been growing.

At the very least it's unsightly, in a worse case scenario it could be dangerous.

Consequently I have been in contact with officers at the County Council asking for our grass verges to be cut.

I have been informed by officers that the grass is cut up to 9 times a year, usually between March and October. However, this year, due to the late snow cutting did not start until April.

This year the first cut in Whitwick and Thringstone took place around the 25th and 26th April.

The next cut was due to take place around 27th and 28th May, although that date could be - and was - delayed by a few days depending on weather and other factors.

It's good to see that the mowers have been out around the villages over the past couple of days and although the verges don't look as good as most of us would like they are an improvement over recent weeks.

Obviously the mowers don't take away cuttings and understandably due to so much growth over the past few weeks at the moment some of the grass looks unsightly.

If, however, any verges have been missed please let me know and I will take this up with officers.


  1. most of us have took to cutting them our selves but I now see a floor to this plan as when the rest of them got cut ours did not even though they needed doing but as they were not as long as the rest we were neglected. this I find very disappointing. I would also like to point out the amount of dandelions there are in the grass. just before the grass got cut it was like fields of yellow. they are destroying the lovely grass by not looking after it. must we now do this our selves too?

    1. It's clear that due to the time taken between cuts verges at the moment (which have been cut) are looking particularly unkempt. I will raise this with council officers to see what can be done.

  2. Booth road has not been cut.... As usual booth road gets missed. No gritters in the winter and no grass cut in the summer......what on earth is going on.

    1. Thanks for you comment. I'll check it out over the weekend and get it reported.