Monday, 24 June 2013

Coalville Twenty13 - Your Views

Stilt Walkers and Music
Yesterday witnessed Coalville's now annual party in the park, Coalville Twenty13.

As Chair of the Committee which organises the event I hope, despite the weather, you had a fantastic day.

So much hard work goes into putting on the event, not least from our wonderful team of council staff who put so much effort into making sure everything goes smoothly. I am so very proud of them for the work they did yesterday.

There was so much going on, local groups holding stalls, craft tents and community mosaics, fairground rides, circus big top, RAMPZ, stilt walkers, and a fantastic range of musical acts on our main stage to name just a few.

We always try to put on a range of food and drink outlets, whether it's savoury crepes, hotdogs and hamburgers, right through to our licenced bar or Rotary tea tent.

But we always know that we can improve.

So what can we do better?

Your constructive comments really are appreciated. Unless we know how to make things better we can't make things better!

(P.S. unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about the weather!)


  1. It is a terrific opportunity for local groups to promote themselves. Those selling things have the chance to also raise funds for their groups. As far as this year went, Mercy were a terrific band, and shame about the weather.

  2. It was a great day, the small bouncy castle that had a roof on the top was still drenched inside which caused an Injury on my friend who ended up in hospital later that day. Don't think they should of has it running if they knew it was wet