Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Have your say on how Coalville's Community Forum Budget is spent

15 community groups and organisations have now submitted their bids for a piece of the 2013 Coalville Community Forum budget of £15,000 to be spent in our local area.

Bids range from a 'Refurbishment of Whitwick Community Coffee shop' through to 'Rugby Development & Creation of New Club Teams' with many others making their case along the way.

The beauty of the Community Forum budget is that YOU can have a say on how the money is spent.

If you would like to make an online comment or book your place to vote on decision night please click here.


  1. 1. What about dog poo inspectors? Agar Nook is still full of dog poo.
    2. The hanging baskets need maintaining and I haven't seen anyone looking after them this year around Agar Nook.
    3. More regular rubbish collections.
    4. The opening up of Agar Nook Community centre more regularly as it always seems to be locked up. Make it more welcoming to people and let people know its there.
    5. Countryside signs would also be a good investment as we have lots to offer around Coalville but signage isn't the best and information is limited.
    6. The Pick & Shovel, can't we do something about it? A community awareness centre, Internet cafe, demolish it, tourist information. Lots of options here.
    7. The old Woolworths, can't we do something about this place too?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment.

      I will try and respond to your comments, although for those more particular to Agar Nook you might be best to speak with your Labour Councillors, Nick Clark and Ron Adams.

      1.Dog waste continues to be a major problem. As I have previously written NWLDC now just have 2 Street Enforcement Managers for the WHOLE district. Labour have continually called for this to be looked at again but sadly the Tory administration maintain the 2 is enough!

      2. I don't know who puts the hanging baskets up - you might want to speak to Nick and Ron about this.

      3. Do you mean weekly bin collections or public waste bins?

      4. I know this is something which the Community Centre are looking into. Watch this space!

      5. I agree. The difficulty is finding the money. Every pound at NWLDC is accounted for. The question has to be how do we afford new signs, do we have to cut services to pay for them?, or, is there an external 'pot' of money which could maybe contribute? I will raise your point with Christine Fisher, NWLDC's Chief Executive.

      6.You would not believe just how much work has gone into clearing up the eyesore that is the Pick and Shovel. Alternate uses have been proposed, but ultimately it is the decision of the owner as to what to do with their property. The Council can't make someone sell their property, believe me we've asked that question, all we can do is look at making tidying up of the site compulsory - and once again this is something we continue to pursue.

      7. Once again this is an ownership issue, which I understand is quite a complicated state of affairs. I know that businesses have looked at occupying the property - the question is can they sort out tenancies with the owners.

      Hope that this helps and once again thanks for your suggestions.

  2. I would rather look at long grass than the discusting state it been left in after whitwicks recent cut.its not the grass cutting that bother me but the uneven cut.its a mess.lower and sharpen the blades and take pride in a job well done.

    1. I agree it could look a whole lot better. But as someone said to me tonight it's probably like a bad haircut and will look a bit better in a couple of days!