Monday, 1 April 2013

Your Labour AND Co-operative Candidate

Over the next month or so, in the run up to the May 2nd County Council elections, I am hoping you will see my name all over the place.

You will see 'Leon Spence' on leaflets, on posters and most importantly on the ballot paper in the Polling Station.

Every time you see 'Leon Spence' you will also see that I am standing as 'Labour and Co-operative Candidate'.

Many people don't know why it doesn't just say 'Labour Party'.

The answer is simple.

I am standing on behalf of two separate political parties, 'The Labour Party' AND 'The Co-operative Party'.

The Co-operative Party is the sister party of Labour and, although many don't realise it - because our elected members are also all members of Labour as well, we are the fourth largest party in parliament.

As a party we believe that people will achieve more by working together than they can by working alone. We support the efforts of those who seek success through that co-operative endeavour.

I am very proud to be a Co-operative member and I'm very proud that Co-operative retail stores are coming back to Thringstone and, hopefully, Whitwick.

In bringing back the Co-op to our villages we will not only see improved shopping facilities for local residents but also the creation of jobs for local people.

The Co-op also, and vitally, sees the importance of it's role as being part of the local community by partnering and in many cases providing financial support to groups.

On May 2nd if you support Co-operative principles please considering putting your 'X' for your Labour and Co-operative Candidate.

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