Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Work to Thringstone play improvements underway

Melrose Road Play Area
I am delighted to let local people know that construction work has now commenced to bring £30,000 worth of new play and safety improvements to Thringstone.

Residents will recall that I, along with my District Council colleague Dave Everitt, have spent a great deal of time lobbying for funds to be allocated for better, and much needed, play facilities in the village.

After a consultation period with neighbours, parents and children play facilities have been designed which should not only be more fun for those using them but should also improve child safety and discourage anti social behaviour.

I would like to thank all of those local people who contributed to the consultation. If you do have any ongoing concerns, however, I would urge you to contact me.

Hopefully in just a few short weeks not only will we have much improved play facilities for our children but also better weather with which they can enjoy them!

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