Monday, 22 April 2013

Whitwick and Thringstone - the community that made me who I am

Often during an election candidates will resort to negative campaigning about their opponents.

I don't believe in negative campaigning.

I would much rather let you know how I plan on positively serving our community and then you decide on whether you want me to work for you (or not).

However in a leaflet one of my opponents has made an issue of the fact that I do not live in the division of Whitwick and therefore in the interests of clarity I will offer you the facts and then you can decide whether I am 'local' enough for you.

  • I do not currently live in the Whitwick 'Division' (Whitwick and Thringstone). I live on Long Lane in Coalville which is around 200 metres (over the bypass and onto Green Lane) from being in Whitwick.
  • I was born and spent the first 25 years of my life living on Main Street, Thringstone.
  • When I got married I moved to Cademan Street, Whitwick.
  • I went to school in Thringstone and Whitwick.
  • I go to church in Whitwick.
  • I am Vice-Chair of Governors at Castle Rock High School, the secondary school for Whitwick children.
  • I am a member of the Executive Committee at Thringstone Community Centre.
  • I am a member of 'Friends of Thringstone'.
  • I campaigned for and voted consistently to protect Whitwick green wedge.
  • I am a District Councillor for Thringstone.
  • I am a Parish Councillor for Whitwick.

Every fibre of me links me to Whitwick and Thringstone. It's the community that made me who I am, the community where I serve and the community that I love.

On May 2nd you have a choice.

When other candidates knock on your door and tell you they live locally I would urge you to ask them 'what have you done for our community'?

If you choose me you know you will have someone with a track record of working in our community, the community I am passionate about.

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