Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thringstone Co-op - request of permission to utilise Thringstone Green car park

Construction is rapidly progressing at Thringstone Co-op
It will not have escaped the attention of any Thringstone resident that the redevelopment of the old Rose and Crown into a brand new Co-operative convenience store is continuing rapidly.

As the store gets ever nearer to opening the developers have determined that they will need to move the containers currently located on what will be the car park (to the left of the building) in order for construction to be completed.

As a result the Co-op are requesting permission to relocate two containers on to the car park on The Green for a period of 4-5 weeks from approximately the end of March to allow for necessary building work to take place. The developers expect that their temporary usage of the car park will take up three parking spaces.

A copy of the developers proposals are shown below.

I have been contacted today by officers at the district council asking for my views on the proposals.

Obviously I will strive to represent the views of the residents of theThringstone  ward.

If you have any views as to whether The Green should be temporarily used to allow construction to be completed I would be very grateful if you would let me know no later than Friday 22 March.

Proposed usage of The Green


  1. I am in favour of them using the site. Sooner the better quicker the completion of the project.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I will make sure it is fed back.

  2. Personally i don't think there is enough parking in this part of Main street/The Green, so i think its a terrible idea. Maybe they can pay the community centre some money and have the containers there for a few weeks. There giving the Community centre some extra income and leaving the current parking as it is.. :-). Tony

    1. Thanks Tony.

      I'll make sure your comments are fed back.



  3. Don't see any problem if it is for weeks and not permanent, People have to be flexible, that's what is killing this country objections over stupid things. Let them do it I say.

  4. how do you apply for a job please? i have been on the co-operative website but none saying in Thringstone?

  5. I understand some jobs have been given to those that lost theirs when the Coalville Department Store closed.

    I understand that others will be advertised locally keep an eye on the local media, job centre and Co-op website.

    Hope you find a job soon.