Monday, 11 March 2013

Local people explain why they are endorsing Leon Spence

'If you want a councillor who loves and cares about our community then vote for Leon Spence, who was born and grew up in Thringstone'
Jim Dutton
Retired Vice Principal and Technical Director of  Youth Arts Leicestershire
Thringstone Resident

'As a lifelong local no one works harder for our community than Leon.'
Nita Pearson
Whitwick Parish Councillor

'Leon has a longstanding passion for education.  He works tirelessly to support children, young people and their parents through seeking to maintain first rate public services.
He demonstrates a fine ability to deal with matters of concern to the electorate ranging across local, regional and national issues - from road safety around local schools to national infrastructure projects like HS2 and employment.
From personal experience, I know Leon can be relied upon to serve the interests of our community to the full.'
Tony Gelsthorpe
Retired Headteacher
Thringstone Resident

'Leon understands local people are finding it tough financially right now. Leon works hard for our community to improve our standard of living.'
Keith Timson
Retired Miner

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