Thursday, 10 January 2013

Could you live on £65,738 (plus expenses)?


In case you are wondering what £22,425 is it's the average wage of a resident of North West Leicestershire for 2011.

It's a wage which many families in this district where I am privileged to serve have to live on.

Many, many families right here in North West Leicestershire live on a great deal less.

Many, many familes are facing no pay rise this year.

Many, many families are facing real term cuts to benefit.

Coincidentally £22,425 is also around one third of the wage paid to an MP of £65,738 - before expenses, pension, second home allowance (and not forgetting external income).

But according to our MP, Andrew Bridgen, £65,738 may not be enough.

You see, in an interview on Radio 4 tonight, according to Mr Bridgen £65,738 is the sort of wage which means, and I quote, you have to 'look you children in the eye when it's Christmas say you can't have what you normally have because Mummy or Daddy wants to be an MP'.

Mr Bridgen may represent the people of North West Leicestershire but making comments such as these shows he doesn't understand or empathise with them.

If you think that £65,738 (plus expenses) is the sort of wage that makes it difficult to make ends meet all I can say is 'you don't know how hard it is for many families these days'.

Mr Bridgen I have a suggestion for you.

Let me take you around my ward, in your constituency, or the ward of any of my council colleagues.

Let's ask a representative sample of people on the streets of those wards whether they think £65,738 with all the trimmings is enough.

You might be surprised by the answer.


  1. Top article, shame you're not running things Leicester-way Leon! I mean, in a day and age where MP's shooting themselves in the foot is about as common as an occurrence as a self-tanning salon in Scotland, you would think that parliamentary members would think better than to make such an idiotic comment.

    Thankfully they don't, which makes it much easier for us Joe Publican's to snigger at those dimwits affiliated with what is fast becoming 10 'Clowning Street.' I've got a paltry £65,738 on a wager that says the next Cabinet will include such visionaries as Alan B*Stard and Tory Boy...

  2. I don't even know where northwest leicester is but I want to help you

  3. I thought the rise was wanted by MP's of all parties, I'm no fan of Bridgen but please post the true facts. Bridgen was the only MP that would speak openly about it.

    1. As I understand it MP's of all parties were questioned. Labour and LibDem MP's called for increases of between £10,000 and £15,000. Tory MP's argued for closer to £30,000.

      I believe they were all wrong.

      Mr Bridgen was notable for speaking out. I stand by comments that his rationale was flawed. Furthermore I would reiterate my offer to take a walk around my ward to let local residents let him know their views on the matter.

    2. It doesn't matter who asked for what....they all think they are worth more they have an inflated sense of their own worth. This is why the man in the street has lost all respect for MP's I should imagine that Bridgen will be back running the family business after the next election.

  4. I think they should get a rise pay them £100,000 and NO EXPENSES.