Sunday, 20 January 2013

'Adopt' an elder person

With the severe weather forecast to last for a few weeks more the time has never been better to 'adopt' an elderly neighbour.

Many older people don't see another soul for days on end and when snow stays on the ground even more are worried if they leave the house they will suffer from a fall.

Why not take the time to check on your older neighbours?

Do they need any groceries fetching? Do they need the drive clearing? Or do they just need someone to chat with for five minutes?

'Adopting' an older person need not be onerous and doesn't have to be restricted to when it snows.

The best thing is checking on a neighbour doesn't just help the person your visiting it makes you feel good too, knowing that you are doing something worthwhile.

Why not 'adopt' an older person today? It's what community is really about.

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